Thursday, November 29, 2012

Kids-At-Heart, Stop Getting Bullied Around By 'Adults'

I get teased sometimes for liking a lot of kids' stuff, and not 'acting my age.' I admit it, I am a total goofball and a space cadet but I'm cool and respectful manners-wise and that's what should count when it comes to being an adult.... being open-minded, being able to negotiate, and being able to take responsibility for my actions.

More often than not though, I get all these haters looking down on me for liking Pokemon cards, and water guns, and Legos... stuff that in their minds is just for kids. They act like if an adult lets his/her inner kid out that they can't cope with reality or have unreal expectations. I've gotten told that a few times while I was dating that they couldn't be with me because I was too much like a kid. Anyone who knows me personally will know that this is completely wrong. I'm an adult, a responsible one, but I just want to have PG-rated fun :)

Now, if anyone has ever told you that you 'can't cope with reality' you know that they are full of bullshit. Generally, the people that tell me this are the ones with no imagination and are jealous that I have one, an active one and one that I am very proud of, thank you. This is my comeback for everyone whose inner kid just wants to shine through but these unimaginative people keep putting you down...

If you read Harlequin Romances, you have no business telling me what's unrealistic...

You can get a sense of what I mean by reading the back of these books. Who comes up with this stuff? - half of the plots involve a poor but virtuous woman encountering an extremely rich and powerful man who longs for a family, he is stunned by her beauty or her good nature, they get married and then they have hot steamy straight sex (sometimes not quite in that order), and then he caters to her every whim and she never has to want ever again. Happily ever after! While I do believe in fairytale endings, (after all, it happened for me and my girlfriend Felicia) I can't believe that straight women eat this up.

I heard once that you are what you read and your inner desires can come out by the choices you make when you're reading books. It makes sense to me. You read about stuff that you like. I read about ghosts and shit because I would love to have a legit scary ghost encounter! - and swords and sorcery books? Man, wouldn't it be awesome to call upon the forces of nature and be a hero that everyone recognizes? - these are my fantasies, but ones I know will never happen.

It's okay to have fantasies and to think about them. Thinking about them doesn't make you more or less of an adult. Sure, not everyone want to grow up to be an intergalactic space-pirate, but the likelihood of you marrying a filthy stinking rich man who will let you lounge about for the rest of your days is pretty unrealistic too. Just saying, guys.

If you watch Jersey Shore or Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, you have no business telling me what's unrealistic...

I think that 'Reality TV' is a misnomer, because everything you see on 'reality TV' isn't anything like real life. Sure, they will bill it as real life and repeat it over and over in order to get you to believe that, but all-in-all, 'reality TV' is set-up and staged, and the 'real people' are just impromptu actors. Shows like Jersey Shore and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, most of the stunts on there are just to keep fans watching; they serve no other purpose than ratings, ratings, ratings.

Now here's where I'm going to get arguments from people who love stuff like Pawn Stars or Ice Road Truckers, shows where people are 'doing their jobs' and people are just filming it. Well, I can guarantee that anybody in front of a camera (unless it is a hidden camera like they place in large department stores to deter theft) isn't always going to act like themselves. Most individual people love attention (myself included, why the hell do I write a blog? - I confess to that hubris!) and will do whatever it takes to get recognized. So some of the fits I've seen people throw (especially on shows like Operation Repo) I know are solely for the camera. I never trust anything I see aired on TV because it's never what it appears to be. I'm not saying that TV shows lie, but the camera doesn't just add 10 pounds to your body; it also adds 10 pounds to your ego.

Media sources are not always a good way to confirm your beliefs and doubts. Just because it's the news or reality TV doesn't mean they have the truth and nothing but the truth. The media is just another business and business wants to convince its buyers. To stay rooted in reality, take everything with a little grain of salt.
If you're the kind that signs up constantly to win free stuff in sweepstakes, you have no business telling me what's unrealistic...

The chances of winning the lottery are slim and none, but people keep playing, wishing, hoping, and praying that they'll win the big pot. Most people will lose what they spend and only in the rarest of the rare occassions will someone win it all and be an instant millionaire. They say that you got to risk it if you want to win it, and I have nothing against people who do play (I partake too every now and then when I feel lucky). But there are people who put you down because it is unlikely you will ever be, say, a star NBA player, but have no problem with the fact that they will likely not win the raffle for the $100 Walmart giftcard.

Odds are odds. They don't lie. People are pretty certain that gravity is in place on the Earth, but we can't 100% prove anything. The fact that my ballpoint pen hits the ground instead of floats up into space when I drop is just makes us even more certain. It changes the 99.9% truth that gravity is in place to a 99.99%. And each time I drop it and I get the same result, it adds another 9, and another, and another.

People sign up for free stuff like sweepstakes because they like the thought of getting something for nothing. We're lazy. It's in our cells. But the more people that sign up for free stuff, the more unlikely it is that you're going to get anything at all.

If you've ever used the phrase 'Oh, but I can change him/her' in any kind of relationship, you have no business telling me what's unrealistic...

Officially the dumbest thing ever said by couples and romance movies. You've got some real problems if you think that you can change a person's behavior for 'love's sake.' People only change when they want to make the change; there's no way to coerce or sneak a way out of it. 

Sadly, if you thank God before you thank first responders (i.e. firemen, EMS, police, etc) after you've been in an accident, you have no business telling me what's unrealistic...

It was the surgeon that saved you from dying of acute appendicitis, you idiot. Two hands working do more good than a thousand hands clasped in prayer.

If you're looking through job searches for something that requires no work but pays big, you have no business telling me what's unrealistic...

Nobody will pay you to do nothing (at least, not without good reason; I totally respect our disabled veterans who are unable to work because they sacrificed themselves for the beliefs and the freedom of this nation that allows me to write a blog like this. You deserve your compensation.)

If you come to the library to solely check out movies, you have no business telling me what is unrealistic... 

This one, I think is pretty self-explanatory. The people I deal with who solely check out movies are some of the most bizarre and unrealistic people I have ever met. Generation of entitlement much?

..... so, everyone is unrealistic and can't cope with reality.

Don't hate on the ones who are just having more fun, or a different kind of fun, than you.

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Anonymous said...

Finally, someone who understands! I can't stand it when people call me strange or dub me the campus weirdo because I wear a spongebob shirt, watch kids shows, and goof around with my nieces and nephews. I've always been a kid at heart.