Saturday, December 1, 2012

Technical Difficulties and The Perfect Novel

Okay, so my immediate thought after writing the post title was ... "That sounds like the name of a thesis. A really boring thesis." - not that I've written a thesis yet, and I hope I wouldn't come up with a title that boring, but I plan to eventually write a thesis but I have no idea what it would be about.... probably a bizarre combination of superheroes, genetic engineering, and the number of times the letter 'Q' has frustrated the hell out of people throughout the centuries. Hey! - If I can write kickass essays merging Batman and the Bible together, that idea is totally not beyond my reach. I'm crazy, dudes.

The inner workings of my mind are a complete enigma which any mortal glance into would render the eyes' owner eternally insane.

Remember that, guys. This is important.

So, I've been having a lot of difficulties with my comment box for some reason, and I'm not sure how to fix it. Naturally, I want everyone's opinions to be heard and this is almost as frustrating as the letter 'Q' and people that insist on still using the word 'whom' .... so, if you want to email me at my fun email : - with your comments when my comment box if being a complete douchebag, I will edit my posts accordingly (and respond) so that everyone can see them (unless you don't want people to see it... which you better specify.)

In the meantime, I will be wrestling with my comment box until I am able to get it into a full nelson and it surrenders.

I had a fantastic dream last night ---- wait, wait, don't stop reading! I know people hate reading about other people's dream, but really guys this post isn't about my dream, I promise --- that I had read the greatest novel I had ever read in my life. The novel was so perfect that I had to share it with everyone I knew, so I traveled everywhere and bought multiple copies, urging everyone I knew to give it a try. I hope the publishers appreciated all the free publicity they got (even if it wasn't real). The sad part is that I woke up and I couldn't even remember what the novel was about. I was a little sad.

Then I got to thinking - what would be the perfect novel for you? - I'm not saying any one specific novel, but what would it have in it that you would think was just totally awesome....

My perfect novel would definitely be a combination of science-fiction and horror, not too far from planet Earth (because I despise pronunciation guides)... It would need a kickass lead heroine- kind of a soft butch type. To be the perfect novel, she'd have to be bisexual or gay, and she would have to have some sort of haunted past- but not strictly love-life related (becuase I know that's the first thing most people think of) It would be complicated and philosophical, discussing themes about what is life and what it means to be alive and the validity of the human race in the spectrum of space and time with plenty of action scenes and a little bit of gore just to make the mood a little creepy. It would kind of have an open ending, and the author couldn't plan on writing more to the series. I like happy endings, but there wouldn't be a bizarre deus-ex-machina at the end or everything magical just lines up and works together. I would like the main character to be challenged on a lot of different levels, and to make her feel real, I would like for her to fail some of those challenges... but she would grow as a person. The book would have wicked character development.

.... I don't know if that is the book that I dreamed about, but in my conscious state, this would be my ideal book.

If anyone happens to know a book similar (or even fitting exactly!), please please please let me know!

In the meantime though, what sort of book would be perfect for you? :)

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