Tuesday, March 12, 2013

8 Unintentionally Hilarious Titles I Found While Shelving Adult Fiction I-S

There are some truly strange sounding books at my library.

[no cover avaliable :( ]

What it is actually about : "A comic novel ostensibly describing the trials and tribulations of a deposed computer center director at a small college. All your standard college types are there -- professors, administrators, spies.... Spies? Well, where there are computers, there are those who are up to No Good. As well as an extravagant assortment of campus savants, all scrambling to aid -- or hinder -- the efforts to sort out the mystery. This is a boisterous romp that will keep you alternately in suspense and stitches."

What my first impression was : I can't decide if biting the wall should go under 'talented' or 'you just got owned' ... either way, OUCH.

[no cover avaliable :( ]

What it is actually about : "It's a novel told by eight or nine narrators, one per chapter, all are staff or faculty in the Slavic Languages Department of an unnamed university in Los Angeles. Most of the narrators are Russian emigres, for various reasons."

What my first impression was : An easier title would be Oxymoron

What it is actually about : "From the author of "Cosmic Sex, Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind," and "The Bad Boys' Guide to the Galaxy" comes the fourth hilarious, wildly sexy novel in the Planet Nerak series, where aliens and humans collide."

What my first impression was : I'm surprised this book isn't more popular since nearly all of the YA literature has pretty young girls dating vampires, werewolves, and angels OH MY! ... also, beastiality = do not want.

What it is actually about : "Twenty-five years after his high school graduation, David Halpert returns to a place that most people flee. But David is making his own escape—from his divorce and the death of his son. In Detroit, David learns about the double shooting of his high school girlfriend Natalie and her black half-brother, Dirk. As David becomes involved with Natalie’s sister, he will discover that both he and his hometown have reasons to hope."
What my first impression was : Umm... I like how you have one of the highest crime rates in America?

What it is actually about : "Grace Beckmann would prefer solid ground any day to the glory, freedom... and sheer terror of riding shotgun in her husband's beloved Piper Turbo Arrow. So when the couple arrive at the airport to find their plane stolen, Grace breathes a silent prayer of thanks. Unfortunately, the small aricraft is found crashed in the Rockies, with the body of a good friend inside, a victim of sabotage. "

What my first impression was : Ok, so not the funniest, but... I was initially very confused by this title. Let's see who can figure out why ;) 

What it is acutally about : "This experimental work is an enthralling amalgamation of anecdotes, aphorisms, and quotations from writers and artists, interspersed with self-reflexive comments by the Writer who has assembled them. As the title implies, this is certainly not a novel -- not in the general sense of the term. And yet a reader who follows the flow will gradually notice certain novelistic conventions insinuating themselves. Writer -- as the narrator refers to himself -- is tired of inventing characters and subjecting them to the rigors of plot development. Instead, historical personages from Dickens to Beethoven recur throughout the book: They re born, create, speak fondly or acidly of their own work and the work of others, and then die. (Death, in fact, is a major concern of Writer.) Works of art interlock and interrelate; diary entries, attributions, and critical comments jostle for position. But what at first appear to be random bits of historical trivia ultimately come together with a narrative logic: a beginning, middle, and end. So while Markson has jettisoned the standard conflict-and-resolution pattern of a novel, he nevertheless fashions a literary journey that gets somewhere. Indeed, the book s conclusion will come as an intensely moving surprise to those who reach it."

What my first impression was : THEN WHAT IS IT????? D:

[no cover avaliable :( ]

What it is actually about :  (no synopsis given)

What my first impression was : I'm not sure I want to know what this book is about.

What it is actually about :  (see cover)

What my first impression was : EVERY ITEM IN THE HOUSE MUST MAKE INTO A BED!

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