Wednesday, July 17, 2013

In Swick's Bookbag : Haunted

I complain a lot about the horror fiction I'm reading either because it's not scary enough, there's too much sex, flat and uninteresting characters, yada yada yada... I can find something to pick out and bitch about out of just about anything. I'm a girl and a smart one at that, and unfortunately, that is what we are good at. That's a little beside the point, but whatever. So, my horror reading has been in a little bit of a slump and I asked around at the library for some suggestions... someone pointed out this one to me...

I've heard the name Palahniuk tossed around for several years, but never read one. I have a handful of friends who really like his novels and we tend to have the same taste in books so when I got the 'yeah, it's good' from them, I said 'what the hey? there's a first time for everything' and checked it out.

One of my friends said that it took her forever to get through because she could only read a couple pages every night; it was that intense.

And I was like...

,,,, but after the first short story, I was like....

... and then...


But I'm still reading it.

Yeah, people with weak stomachs need not apply this book. Just saying.

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