Sunday, July 28, 2013

My Family Are All Secretly Pokemon Masters

So, the truth is that I'm a super nerd... especially when it comes to Pokemon. I may not know all the ins and outs like a hardcore Smogon player may, but I'm a force to reckon with in the battle area ;)

I have everyone in my phone programmed as a Pokemon. Their profile pic is a Pokemon, and their text cry is a Pokemon, and to top it all off, my ringtone is the Pokemon battle theme and it will show up as "encounted wild [insert pokemon here]" ....

I'm a nice kid. I let people decide what Pokemon they want to appear as, and if they don't know Pokemon, I pick whatever Pokemon I think suits them the best.

Unironically, my family members picked their own Pokemon (because they are just as nerdy as I am) and surprisingly, the Pokemon they picked themselves (and not preordained by a chart like the last time I did this) make a really killer team ....

In alphabetical order ...

Nosepass is often overlooked because it is just plain weird, and I think that's why my sister loves it so much. It's just plain funny looking. But don't let that fool you... Nosepass has great defensive capabilities and can learn a wide variety of powerful moves making it a TANK!

Smogon recommends this moveset ....

Stealth Rock
Fire Punch
Rock Slide

.... which I think is great! Coupled with the ability Magnet Pull, Nosepass is prepared to take down serious contenders like Steelix and Ferrothorn. Also recommended is an Impish nature :P - Great pick, sis!



So, my brother didn't pick Porygon-Z on his own accord. I chose it for him, and I picked it because Porygon is a 'computer generated' Pokemon and my brother is a computer guy (even though he doesn't know the first thing about Pokemon, haha!) Despite the fact that part of Porygon is pink, I think that he genuinely likes the choice.... and is an underrated special attack sweeper.

Smogon recommends this moveset ...

Tri Attack
Dark Pulse
Hidden Power : Fighting

.... coupled with a Modest nature and the ability Download, this moveset can thoroughly crush any low special defense and weakness effective Pokemon. He seems a little difficult to use, but with the right moves-


I honestly did not expect Dad to pick Beedrill as the Pokemon he wanted to be in my phone. For as many Pokemon related jokes as we have, I was almost relatively certain he was going to pick Squirtle or Blastoise.... but he surprised me with this one, and I was equally surprised to find out that though underused, Beedrill can make for quite a sneaky support Pokemon in a fight.

Smogon recommends this moveset ...

Toxic Spikes
Knock Off

.... which can make for speedy switchouts, poison status, and get rid of those persky Life Orbs and Leftovers.

She asked if I would pronounce this Pokemon's name Hope-ip from now on, and I intend on doing just that. I don't know much about this adorable pink Pokemon other than the fact that it's super cute, but if used in the right way, Hope-ip is that underdog that catches you off guard.

Smogon recommends this moveset ....

Swords Dance
Seed Bomb

.... with the right ATK EVs and IVs. This might actually work.
And the best part is that nobody sees it coming.


Another one I didn't see coming. I honestly expected her to pick Bidoof or Luvdisc. Girafarig is an interesting pick because of its' dual typing - Normal / Psychic - which if used in a Calm Mind sweep can be devastating, especially against trainers who are ATK based only (like so many of the young ones are)

Smogon recommends this moveset ...

Calm Mind
Baton Pass

... with as many rotating moves as I have between all of these Pokemon so far, it's really more like 6 against 1 than 1 versus 1. The best part is that Baton Pass actually passes on the Calm Mind boost, so my other special attackers (I'm talking to you Porygon-Z) can blast Fighting and Dark and Flying out of the park.


It was no surprise at all that my mom picked Chansey. She saw that this Pokemon helped with household chores in the Pokemon cartoon and she has been sold on this Pokemon ever since. In a surprising turn of events, this Pokemon is MADE to abuse its' HP wall capabilites and the move Counter. That and with its' ability Natural Cure that gets rid of poison/paralysis/sleep/etc when it gets switched out... nothing keeps a Chansey down.

I have fought many a formidable Chansey.
Smogon recommends this moveset ...

Seismic Toss

.... you can't get past the Chansey. Nothing gets past the Chansey. It just heals itself and destroys and heals until you wave the white flag in surrender.


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