Thursday, April 25, 2013

One-Two-THREE Storytime!


ALL-RIGHT! My wish came true :)

I get to do another storytime this week. It's the same school, so same kids. I hope I do well!

Unfortunately, I didn't get to observe Ben's storytime the other day, so I have no new knowledge to try to improve my storytime on. I'm still not sure what to say between stories. Maybe it will come to me though.


I read four wonderful books today. They are ....

Not necessarily in that order though, haha. This time, I let the kids decide which order to read the books in. We read about dragons, rabbits, hats, and then Hugo :)

I tried to be a little more interactive and explain the big words to them as we went along. Maybe the books were a little above them, but the teachers seemed to enjoy them a lot. The kids were a lot more vocal. That made me feel pretty good about what I was reading. I hope they come again soon.

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