Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Reflections on my Second Storytime


I'm a little nervous about storytime today, and I don't know exactly why. I guess it is just because I like to do storytime so much and I want the kids to like it too. I want to be really good at storytimes, because I've never been so comfortable with myself in my life than I am at the youth desk. I'm just a big kid at heart; this is perfect for me. I'm so afraid of messing anything up.

I know I'm probably just overstressing. I'm laughing inside because I told my friend Elyse the same thing yesterday - "you worry too much!" - and here I am, worrying. I guess we are more alike than we like to think sometimes.

Well, here they come. I'm going to try my best!

AFTER : Wow! I had 39 kids and parents show up today. I'm glad so many attended but it didn't help my nervousness at all. I only felt more pressured. The kids seemed to be in good moods today though. They liked the books. I ended up reading another book for them that I impulsively pulled off the shelf. I hadn't read it before so I had no idea what to expect ....

The other three books I read were kind of silly, and this book is really more serious so I don't think they liked it as well, but it had some really cute pictures.

Well, I think I'm pretty good at reading the books themselves, but my dialogue in between and before and after when I'm all on my own... I just don't know what to say or do! Perhaps I should be more observant this afternoon and see what the others say and do. We have another story time at 2p, but I think Ben is doing it. I will take a closer look.

I had a lot of fun. I hope they let me do more storytimes soon :)

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