Friday, February 22, 2013

A Game to Unleash the Creative in Me

I have a new game I like to play.... Pokemon Sprite Making!

It's a popular form of fan-art in the Pokemon community where you make your own Pokemon sprites or mash your favorite Pokemon together to create new bizarre Pokemon :)

Let me show you what I mean. This is a Pokemon mash-up that I did.

Cloyster + Piplup + Marowak =  Piwakster?

I like to use this Pokemon Sprite Generator to decide which Pokemon I should use in my mash-up.
Although sometimes, the end result isn't always very desirable, haha, I try to use everything it generates.

Spinarak + Clefable + Drifloon = Spiabloon?

.... and then some of them are not very original at all, LOL.

Manaphy + Raticate + Hitmonlee = Mancatlee?

But it sure is a lot of fun : )

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