Friday, February 15, 2013

Dreams Become Reality?

Where do I begin? I'm so very excited because I've discovered that there IS an official Pokemon League near Amarillo TX! - they do the trading card game AND the handheld game! It's like both of my birthdays came at once. Their next meeting is in a couple weeks and I plan to drive down there and get myself officially registered so I can take part in all of the cool Play!Pokemon activities! I feel like such a big kid, but then again, feeling like a kid keeps you young, right? So I have nothing to worry about :)

I'm pretty solid in my handheld game. I've got a pretty killer team that with a few modifications may be great at the official meeting.

The above is my Pokemon White 2 team     : D

Pretty neat, huh?

As for my card deck though, I'm not sure what I want to use. I'm definitely not as experienced as some of the more competitive Pokemon TCG players. In fact, I'm rather new to the game itself. I mainly collect Pokemon cards, and I have quite a mature collection if I do say so myself. But the cards have never seen a real duel. I have a couple ideas of what I want to use. The only problem is making sure I have the appropriate cards to make it happen.

I'm really glad that my girlfriend Felicia is supportive of me going down there. She just got through a major surgery and can't drive herself for the next six weeks or so. She's really cool about both of us going down there, and while she's not as big a Pokemon fan as I am, she thinks it would be neat to see how it all works. I really hope to go down there so that I can get some information about creating our own Pokemon League here in Amarillo so we can hold a major tournament at AMA-CON 2013 this summer. I ran the idea by the higher-ups and they think it would be fun and good for all ages. I hope that if I do manage to get a Pokemon Tournament set up that people will want to participate in it. I told myself to build up a good team on my White 2 cartridge in case there was only one... that way they could at least battle me. Of course, I'd let them win, but boy, I would make them fight for it!

I'm doing a lot of this for my job and to make AMA-CON 2013 a great event! ... but truthfully, it's a little bit for me too. I love Pokemon; it's so much fun! I love the game, the characters, the artwork, the lore, the strategy, and I love sharing and getting involved with other people in it. A lot of people kind of laugh at my hobby but really I can't think of something I love more (friends and family aside, of course. I'd give up Pokemon to save any one of them, and that's saying A LOT) .... part of the whole setting up our own league and tournament thing means that I would have to take the Pokemon Professor Exam to prove that I know the game and the characters inside and out. If I pass, I get to be called Pokemon Professor Summer!

Professor-ship is a big thing though. If the tournament does take off and we are able to create a Pokemon League, I'm going to have to devote my time to Pokemon: make sure my league gets all the goods and events, stay on top of all the rules, and try to make sure that everyone has fun. I don't know how much of a leader I am, but this is something I'm really excited about, and I think would be good for socially awkward little ol' me.

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