Saturday, May 24, 2014

History of Swick's RPG Extravaganza (part 5)

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Goodness, it's been over a week since I last posted anything, and I was doing so good too! 

Summer Reading Program starts in only a few days, and the youth desk has been busy getting all of their ducks in a row to make it all as smooth and successful as possible. Doing my part has meant covering the desk while the others are away, and it can get hectic being only one people and trying to help so many that I just don't have any energy at the end of the day to do more than watch mindless television, haha. I've finally acquired some energy and time to write. Surprisingly, when the weather is rainy or snowy, people don't come to the library. I thought it would be the exact opposite.

I guess I should continue my RPG story.

RPGs began rapidly changing after the launch of the PS2, and I'm having a difficult time determining exactly what is an RPG and what isn't .... a lot of my favorite genre (platformers) began appear in games with 3D models and RPG elements, but can they truly be considered RPGs? ... as long as they don't follow a set sequence of levels I suppose yes, they can. They started called these games 'action-adventure' or '3D platforming adventure' games, and 'action-RPGs' .... a lot of my gaming went into the series and trilogy games: notably Jak & Daxter, Ratchet & Clank, and Sly Cooper. I am a huge fan of the Ratchet and Clank series. I have purchased and kept every game that came out after the first game, and I am TOTALLY STOKED ABOUT THE UPCOMING RATCHET AND CLANK MOVIE COMING OUT NEXT YEAR! *ahem*

... at this point, my gaming career took a major turn. No longer was I enchanted by the turn-based JRPGs. I liked the design and feel of these 'get up and go' story-driven platformers which in turn caused me to buy lots and lots more. In fact, about 90% of my gaming collection can be considered games like these. A few others of note .... Psychonauts (which is officially my favorite video-game ever) , Crash Twinsanity, and an overlooked game called Whiplash which I had a blast playing.

The closest thing that I came to an actual RPG during this time was Dynasty Warriors 4 : Empires
.... that's not really an RPG in the slightest. Well, I guess technically I am a feudal warlord battling with other feudal warlords  and role-playing politics and military etc. .... but when you talk story-driven, you don't really talk Dynasty Warriors. Hell, I beat the entire game in two hours.

But... it did pave the way for the next bunch of games I would encounter. The character design of Dynasty Warriors greatly inspired me to get into samurai literature and games which led to....

P L E A S E   I N S E R T   D I S C 6
T O    C O N T I N U E

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