Sunday, May 4, 2014

Pokemon Favorites : Battle Time!

A lot of competitive Pokemon fans will argue that people who play with their favorites and not Pokemon who legitimately have good stats are always destined to lose. There is truth to the numbers and game rules... for example, it is HIGHLY DOUBTED a low-level Sewaddle will ever win against a Charizard... but I like to think that the game would be way more fun if people stopped looking at numbers and started playing with their favorites. So that's what I'm doing today. If you've been following my favorites countdowns, you'll know that I picked two runner-ups and one winner from each of the Pokemon generations based on my experiences with them in game. So, I took all of those Pokemon and divided them into teams : Winners, Runner 1s, and Runner 2s .... let's see how they turned out as their own battle teams. This will not include the legendaries that I chose in the beginning of the Pokemon Favorites series. Just the generation posts.

These stats are calculated via the Team Builder on


Wigglytuff, Flaaffy, Sharpedo, Stunky, Haxorus, Klefki





Bulbasaur, Heracross, Skitty, Abomasnow, Joltik, Pangoro



Arcanine, Delibird, Ludicolo, Staraptor, Darmanitan, Malamar

.... so overall, just 'average' teams. But with the right move-set and the right amount of determination, these teams could really rock ;)

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