Friday, January 4, 2013

My Dangerous New Hobby

Nope, not drugs.
Nope, not prostitution.
Nope, not excessive amounts of alcohol.
Nope, not ridiculously loud and fast motor-vehicles.
Nope, not porn.

My new hobby is : making let's play(s) to post on YouTube, specifically Pokemon.

And the only one that it's dangerous to is my girlfriend because it demands a tremendous amount of time to play, film, edit, finalize, and post.

Let's just say I taped 40 minutes of gameplay yesterday... it took 3 hours to edit. 3 hours to finalize and another 30 minutes to upload and post.

7 hours for 40 minutes. Sounds like a bad punk/new wave song, right?

But I am so proud of myself! I never thought I'd get the chance to do it!

I've decided to limit myself to only 2 a week or so, just so my whole life isn't consumed by it. Thankfully, my girlfriend is pretty supportive of me trying new things.

I might post some animation stuff up there too once I figure out how to use my new animation program : D

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