Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Jobs and New Worlds

I'm moving on up in the library world! - just this past week, I was called upstairs to the administration office and was offered a place at the youth desk as an assistant. The lady who originally worked here rotated between reference and youth and the one who would take her place is going to be permanently assisting the reference desk with their geneaology department. So, that left an opening in youth and this position was created. I was recommended for the job. Since I really want to work as a youth librarian one day, I immediately jumped on the offer and so far I am loving it! Of course, I miss the circulation desk and the people I work with terribly. But, on the bright side, they are only about twenty steps away from my new desk. In fact, I am waving at them right now :)

The atmosphere in the youth department is quite different. While I would equate the circulation desk to being like an ant hill, the youth desk is more relaxed. At circulation, we strive to be constantly busy, constantly carrying out orders, and constantly ready to defend the library from the verbal assaults of disgruntled patrons. After so many weeks at this work, it becomes more mechanical than anything else. I found myself going through my daily routine over there without even thinking about. I'm sure that this familiarity will come to the youth desk as well, but even so, the tasks are very different than that of circulation. The best analogy I can think of is like a prarie dog town- everyone does their own thing at their own pace but when the lookout barks the command to duck and cover, we group together to weather the storm or battle the foe. It's a little weird not being constantly busy all of the time, but I relish it because it really lets me bring out my creative side more.

Apart from this news, I dabbled a little bit in the online MMO MapleStory and I must say that I am enjoying it quite a lot. Probably because it is a platformer, has simple controls, and is quite cute if you ask me. I have a difficult time playing MMOs like World of Warcraft and Guild Wars (although I like both) simply because the control scheme on the keyboard is too difficult for me to do anything quickly thus resulting in my early demise. MapleStory is only a few keys, and an easy learning curve, so I am enjoying it. But it has gotten a little tiresome, simply because there isn't much variety in the gameplay. I think perhaps I should try a different class. My current character is Bookcart on the Renegades server; she's a Brawler class (basically a tank) and punches her way to freedom.

I configured Felicia's computer to use an Xbox 360 controller so she could play Skyrim with more ease, and I wonder if I am able to do the same thing with Guild Wars 2. MapleStory is cute, but Bookcart and her quirks have nothing on my Norn barbarian Rally Madslash, haha :) - plus I know people that actually play Guild Wars 2 and it's not very fun to play an MMO all by your lonesome.

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