Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Oh. My. Goodness.

I rewatched the most ridiculous horror movie I have ever seen in my life and I decided that I had to share it with everybody.


So, on a far-off planet, a mutated creature is about to be vaporized but is accidentally sent via satellite to Earth- in particular to an 80s-tastic suburban family who is just installing their brand-new satellite TV. The creature gets stuck inside their TV, and if it is left on for too long, the creature crawls out and it liquifies and eats people in their household. The alien that accidentally sent the creature begs for humanity to just leave their televisions off for the next 200 years so that the creature would fizzle into nothingness, but of course, this doesn't happen. At my house, you can hardly get the TV to turn off for two seconds!

Also, this movie is DEFINITELY not for kids (firstly, it is rated R). Did I mention that the house is filled with a 'swinging' Mom and Dad, a hair-metal obsessed Sister, a conspiracy theorist Grandpa, and a neurotic insomniac Brother? Yeah, these are some interesting characters. The scenery was dreamed up by a 12 year-old boy. There are paintings and sculptures of naked women EVERYWHERE.

I can't understand why the movie only has a 2 star rating on Netflix. Obviously most people don't appreciate Terrorvision's touch-in-cheek humor. If you've watched classics like The Giant Gila Monster or Earth VS The Spider, then this parody will appeal to you. However, if you've never watched a monster movie in your life, .... I feel so sorry for you. They are just so much fun.

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