Thursday, January 24, 2013

Competitive Pokemon

I really got excited the other day about finding the website Pokemon Showdown. It's a virtual battle simulator where you can plug in your own Pokemon with their own held items, abilities, attacks, and natures, and even distribute appropriate IVs to create your perfect Pokemon team without having all the hassle of catching and training in the actual Pokemon games. Granted, there's no way to export the teams but it does give you an idea if your hunch for a great Pokemon bunch is right or not. Also, it allows you to instantly battle players worldwide!

I play under the alias ' Youngster Pete ' :) - but rather than build my own Pokemon dream team, my favorite function of the website is the random battles. Random battles let the computer database and matrices decide your Pokemon for you, so you have no idea as to what batch you'll be battling with each time. The opponent's Pokemon are also randomized so you don't know what you are up against. It adds a great level of strategy and difficulty to the game. You have to use the Pokemon and moves that you have in order to defeat the opponent's unknown Pokemon. This extra difficulty, and a little bit of luck, makes it all the more exciting for me, and I've come to appreciate a lot of Pokemon that I would otherwise not have battled with at all.

I don't like the OU or player chosen teams as much before the opponents there tend to stick with the same few powerful Pokemon in every team making it very hard to see whether or not your Pokemon (a NATURAL looking Pokemon team) are really efficient. I hear that there is a way to turn on the tournament rules so they cannot use all of the overpowered Pokemon on their teams, but I haven't figured out exactly how to do that.

Nevertheless, I am having a lot of fun with the website and having fun discovering the eSport of Competitive Pokemon :) - in fact, I have recorded a number of my random battles and posted them online for viewing. Most of them are about 5 minutes long each. You can find the playlist for them here ....

Swick's POKEMON SD Random Battle Playlist.

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