Thursday, January 10, 2013

Writing Criticism and Video Setbacks

I received a review from the famous Farla on ! - she pointed out some punctuation and capitalization problems that I have in my writing, and one paragraph with phrasing that could be really misconstrued. I'm grateful she took the time to read one of my works. She's really a legend.

I read through her profile and I looked over the review work that she's done and man! - I know people joke all the time about how what with all of the terrible young adult fiction coming out how easy it would be to get a novel published, but if authors go through editors and beta readers and critics as tough and hardcore as Farla, they must be a lot better than they are made out to be. I never thought my writing was lacking before, but now I'm inspired to continue to work on my craft even more... even if my craft is just Pokemon fanfiction, haha.

I talked a lot about writing a novel when I was in junior high and high school, and I have daydreams about it now and then, but man, nowadays I'm just not sure I'd be able to write a full blown acceptable novel. Just when I get an interesting concept in my head, I work with it too much and then it becomes too complicated or then I figure out that somebody has already beaten me to the punch. I'm not looking to write something completely original, but I'd like to put an interesting twist on a novel concept.

Anyway, I began a Pokemon Fire-Red Let's Play series on my Youtube channel and it was going really strong, but then my computer decided to crash and I had to restore everything to factory settings. I didn't lose a lot of important files (at least, not things that can't be duplicated) but among those files, I did lose my recordings and my save files for my Let's Play. I think I'm going to try to recreate everything, but it's definitely delayed my progress. I'm a little bummed about that.

Did I tell everyone how much I like One Piece already? : )

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