Monday, January 14, 2013

Why My Family Would Make a Super Awesome Pokemon Team

I found this little gem the other day ....

.... and decided to have a little fun and see which what type combinations all the member in my family would get and whether or not we would be a good Pokemon team (because there are 6 of us ) :)

1 ) SUMMER (myself)

My type : Psychic / Rock
My Pokemon matchup : Lunatone

My role as a Lunatone would likely be a wall and be able to set up defenses for the rest of the team. Because of this Pokemon's ability Levitate, I am immune to Ground-based attacks as well as 'trap' moves like Toxic Spikes and Stealth Rock. My specialty would be using powerful Sp. Atk moves against largely physical opponentsa who would likely have low Sp. Def. In a perfect world, my nature would be considered Modest giving my Sp. Atk a nice boost, but lowering my physical Atk. which I would really have no need of....

The moveset I would ideally use is : Psyshock , Stealth Rock , Light Screen , Embargo

2 ) BILL (my dad)
His type : Bug / Flying
His Pokemon matchup : Yanmega

My dad would definitely add to the speed factor of a Pokemon battle as well as get in all of those nasty little status effects including Poison and Confusion. Because of this Pokemon's ability Speed Boost, his speed would increase every turn guaranteeing that there would be no way the opponent could get in moves without getting slowly drained away. His ideal nature would be Naive taking extreme advantage of the boost in speed it would give him and getting rid of less needed Sp. Def.

His ideal moveset would include : Quick Attack, Bug Buzz, Toxic, Supersonic

3 ) MEL (my mom)
Her type : Flying / Normal
Her Pokemon matchup : Pidgeot

Pidgeot is an excellent member of the team because of the wide variety of moves it can learn as well as its' solid speed and attack skills. The ability Keen Eye guarantees that any trouble-causing status effect moves used on it won't deter its' accuracy so it's almost 100% accurate with physical based attacks. Her ideal nature would be Adamant to crank up the attack base with a little neglect to Pidgeot's already lacking Sp. Atk.

Her ideal moveset would include : Aerial Ace ,  Whirlwind , Double Team , Roost

4 ) MARY (my sister )
Her type : Fire / Ground
Her Pokemon matchup : Camerupt

I'm counting on Camerupt here to be the heavy tank hitter of the team. Her ability Solid Rock allows her to take little damage from even super-effective attacks. I'd further exploit this if she had a Relaxed nature which would pump up her defense at a risk to her already low speed. Camerupt's fire-based attacks are great against virtually any opponent, and Ground-based attacks are able to attack multiple enemies at once. That makes this Pokemon one mean fighting machine capable of withstanding virtually anything.

Her ideal moveset would include : Magnitude , Lava Plume , Yawn , Strength

5 ) 'LANA (my sister )
Her type : Bug / Water
Her Pokemon matchup : Water / Bug

'Lana's role in the team would definitely be the wildcard. The nice thing about this type matchup is that anything one type is weak against, the other type is resistant to which gives it nice stats all around. It's ability Swift Swim would allow it to have double speed in the rain, or water in general. Having a Sassy nature would be ideal because the only moves really capable of hurting it are Sp. Atk based and this would increase its' Sp. Def with a little hurt to its' Speed. Surskit would be great in helping setting up the battleground with all sorts of tricks.

Her ideal moveset would include :  Mist , Bug Bite , Rain Dance , Solarbeam

6 ) BLAIR (my brother)
His type : Water / Dark
His Pokemon matchup : Sharpedo

My brother's role on the team would likely be one of the heavy hitters (along with Mary). Because of this Pokemon's ability Rough Skin, any type a Pokemon hit him with a physical based attack their health would be lowered. His ideal nature would be Impish; thereby bolstering his defenses to make use of his inborn ability and getting rid of his less necessary Sp. Atk. Sharpedo has great speed and would be a fantastic asset as a tank against Psychic, Ghost, and Ice types which are some of the trickiest types to fight against in the Pokemon game.

His ideal moveset would include :  Crunch , Surf , Bounce , Torment


I think we'll be all-right as long as we don't have to fight a double battle with Lt. Surge and Elesia


Yup, with the six of us together, we are one badass Pokemon team! :D

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