Friday, March 7, 2014

Swick and the No-Read Family Blues (part 3)

I'm, like, so confused right now.

My mom posted something about commenting earlier - not sure if referencing that she saw post and didn't say anything or if she was legit asking for book recommendations after 'Swick and the No-Read Family Blues' (part 1) 

Wait, whattttt?

I'm going to roll with it though! Youth Library Assistant Summer cranking out more book recommendations!

This is going to be a little bit of an eclectic mix, haha!

Books My Mom Would Probably
Like If She Decided She Wanted Book Recommendations

Things You Should Know About My Mom
- loves holidays (especially Halloween) -
- specializes in abstract art -
- always trying out new recipes -
- spontaneous -
- spiritual -

(I haven't actually read this one, but I've heard lots of good things)

(Some morbid Halloweenish nonfiction with a humorist author is always a plus)

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