Saturday, March 8, 2014

Swick and the No-Read Family Blues (part 4)

I didn't have any other family members ask for book recommendations, so I'm back here again lamenting.

There's only one thing worse than the family members who don't read and ignore your "YOU SHOULD TOTALLY READ THIS!" and that's the ones who listen to your recommendation and say "sounds great; I'll read it sometimes" and then immediately proceed to completely forget about what you recommended so that a month later when you ask them about whether or not they read the book and if they liked it, they look at you like you're crazy or give you the "when do you make time to read?" excuse 

.... this is the perfect example of my youngest sister A.

A. reads sometimes, but slowly, and only very specific things...
otherwise, she prefers to fill her time by flooding her Twitter with Korean boys and nonsense.

Today, I present...

Books My Sister A Would Enjoy Reading
If She Stopped Tweeting So Much

Things You Should Know About My Sister A:
- boy-crazy -
- exaggerates and dramatizes a lot -
- likes anime and manga (especially sci-fi and Attack on Titan) -
- sarcastic sense of humor -
- won't stop talking about John Marco when it comes to books -

So, if the description of my sister sounds like you, then you should pick up these books too.

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