Saturday, March 29, 2014

What's this? Party on the weekends???

No, it's not crazy clubbing and party weekends. Haha, I'm not that kind of person at all. This is something a little different....

Weekends are going to be a little out of control for me for a while. I've joined two different tabletop RPG groups that meet weekly, haha. One is playing AD&D 2nd Ed. and one is playing Pathfinder. The former is a much more serious epic campaign, and the latter is all about having fun and not serious in the slightest. They both have their good traits and not-so-good traits, and of course, I'm playing two completely different characters for these games...

For my AD&D campaign, I'm playing a haughty female neutral-good half-elf cleric Marlove Oakguard who has an aversion to things dirty and slimy, and speaks several different languages. She was born into a wealthy noble family and thinks pretty highly of herself. She has a sun birthmark on her palm, and believes herself to be 'chosen by Lathander' ... she's recently been defeated in battle, and her ego was taken down a few pegs.

For my Pathfinder campaign, I'm playing a weak-willed female chaotic-good human sorcerer with a draconic bloodline Kay Fiery. She wishes to be more dragon than human, and is easily convinced to do things by the party she wouldn't normally do. She tries to be intimidating and threatening, but she's really just squishy.

The AD&D campaign has a very structured storyline which makes it interesting to come back to again and again... because I want to see how the story will unfold, and I genuinely like all of the characters. The players are all new people to me, and I'm just starting to warm up to them, but they are experienced players and they roleplay very very well.

The Pathfinder campaign is a little chaotic, but in a good way. It consists mostly of my coworkers, and we don't take things seriously, drink beer, and just have a good time. I like this campaign for the company, and while playing a sorcerer is fun, I'm honestly not very invested in her.

Since we play so many hours (AD&D meets from 7p - 12a on Fridays ; Pathfinder meets 7p - whenever on Saturdays), I'm starting to feel the wear and tear on the weekend. Thankfully, I generally have two weekend days off, so I can properly recuperate... it's just especially hard when I'm off Friday and working on Saturday. I'm going to have to get better about resting and stuff. I fell asleep at my lunch break today and returned 15 minutes late on accident! - my coworker Amanda didn't seem outwardly perturbed but I think she was just being nice. I know I would have been a little annoyed. I have to never do that again! ... gah, I'm a mess.

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