Friday, April 4, 2014

Swick and the No-Read Family Blues (part 6)

So, I've talked about my sister, my other sister, my brother, my aunt, and my mom... but what about my dad? What should my dad read? This, my friends, is a serious challenge, because apart from car magazines on the toilet, I'm not sure WHAT my dad reads. 

They say an easy way to find out what books people will like is to observe what kind of television that they watch. My Dad likes a variety of stuff but he's kind of like me- if it's more than 30 minutes, he'll fall asleep or become disinterested... EXCEPT if it's a documentary in which case he will stay awake for. Some of the shows I hear him talking about are .... How It's Made, South Park, Colbert Report, Breaking Bad, and just recently he and my step-mom watch Game of Thrones. His favorite movies are all cars related.... I do have one solid clue, and that's the fact that my dad likes going to see shows at comedy clubs.
It's kind of an odd mix of stuff.... 

So... this is what I'm coming up with...

Books My Dad Would Like
If His Taste In TV Is The
Same As His Taste In Books

(the one serious and fiction title I'm recommending that
I've mulled over for hours and
I'm pretty convinced I've found a winner here. )

So, yeah, there's my recommendations for my sarcastic goofy race-loving dad.

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