Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I Might Have A Decent Idea

I got an idea in my head over the summer right after A-Kon, and I've been mulling it over for a few months, and I decided you know it may not be a bad idea....

I'm a compulsive doodler. If I have some sort of writing utensil in front of me, I will doodle. I like to keep my hands busy. It keeps me from going crazy. I've gotten compliments about my doodles on a number of occassions, and while I was in the artist's alley at A-Kon, I thought "you know if I could clean up my lineart and learn to ink and shade, I bet I could sell some cool black and white pieces here one year." .... so I've been working on my art. And I've gotten progressively better, but I'm not quite there yet. Something gets lost in translation when I try to go from pencil to ink. It just loses what made it look special. Something tells me though that people aren't going to want to pay for pencil sketches though.

I really wish I had an example of my artwork to post online, but I don't have a scanner, and I can't draw on a computer to save my life :(

Maybe a booth at A-Kon isn't such a good idea. I mean, I cartoon but I don't really draw anime. My art is influenced by anime, sure, but it doesn't look like traditional anime. I won't say it's its' own thing - I have a lot of artists that I look up to and try to emulate pieces of - but you can't mistake it for someone else's work. It's cute, but not the sort of thing you want to hang up in your house.

Plus, the only real 'anime' thing I'm good at drawing are Pokemon  . I guess Digimon too if I tried, but I'm not really interested in Digimon.

..... Look at that, I was all gung-ho at the beginning of this post, and now I'm all "well-I-thought-it-was-a-good-idea" ._.

Maybe if I pitched in some money to sit at a booth with a better artist and maybe draw doodles and maybe sell a few for like $0.50 a piece ;u; ?

That being said, does anyone know any inking and coloring tips to help?

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