Thursday, December 13, 2012

The World Is Going To End....

.... Felicia caved in on one of my Christmas presents after I asked her for like the billionth time. I honestly never thought she was going to break, and the only reason I asked is because she was so determined she wouldn't tell. Granted, she only told me one of the things I'm getting - AND I AM SO EXCITED!

The intent behind the gift is that I am always doodling, and frankly, I love cartoons. So when she saw that there's an ability to scan your doodles into the program and the program helps you create vectors in order to animate said-doodles, she knew I'd be all over that. And I am. And I can't wait to start learning.

The question is... I have no idea what kind of animation I want to do first. Likely nothing too difficult since I'll be getting used to the program but.... ARGH the anticipation is awful, and the end of the world is still looming around.

If you aren't friends with me on Goodreads, (which if you haven't been to Goodreads or followed any of my book related links on my blog, it's only the coolest website in the whole entire universe), I've been up to my ears in manga volumes lately, and I'm not entirely sure why my interest in anime/manga has suddenly exploded again. Before, my excuse was that I was constantly working or working on papers for college. Now, it's just working.

Current projects include : Naruto, BLEACH, One Piece, D. Gray-Man, St. Dragon Girl, Pokemon Black and White, and FAIRY TAIL!!!!

I've decided that I <3 Fairy Tail - it's got goofy art obviously inspired by One Piece's mangaka PLUS it has magic AND a flying cat.

Summer + Cats = SOLD on anything really, but MAGIC CATS is a super-plus. And his name is Happy :)

And both main characters : Lucy and Natsu : are pretty awesome too.

So, I've pretty much decided this is my new favorite anime/manga. One Piece is a close second though.

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