Sunday, December 9, 2012

What You Don't Know

I just got finished catching up on Doug TenNapel's new webcomic NNewts !

If you haven't read it, you really should. TenNapel is a master storyteller and has written some of my favorite comics/graphic novels to date, including Ghostopolis and Cardboard.

Ever since I picked up Ghostopolis at the public library, I have been one of TenNapel's biggest fans. I have collected all his works, played all the video games that he's been involved in, watched interviews, and bookmarked all the webaddresses for his webcomic (even pre-ordering them whenever they announce it, regardless of what the material is) ....

There is one sad thing that I keep in the back of my mind however and that's in an interview or a blog post I read, TenNapel is very Christian and very much opposed to people like me -- gays and lesbians. I wrote him once, and made no mention of my sexual orientation, but wanted to tell him just how much I liked his work (he probably gets those letters all the time) - I never got a response, but there was a brief mention on his blog that his works were becoming more popular in libraries and I knew that it had a little relation to the note I wrote. I just think it's a little ironic that one of his largest fans is a person that he spiritually believes is bad, evil, ill, and wrong. Granted, he doesn't go out of his way to hurt gays and lesbians, and I respect his beliefs as I respect all beliefs.... but it is a little ironic, isn't it?

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