Monday, December 17, 2012

Reading Out of My Norm

Okay, so, I finally decided that since I am bound and determined to be a full-fledged librarian. I have to be well-versed with a lot of the book selection I have here.

I'm already familiar with stuff that I like.

I know that's like the smartest thing I've ever said, lol.
.... but now I'm trying to get familiar with stuff that I don't normally read. For instance, James Patterson -

- technically, my first James Patterson read was the first book in the Maximum Ride series (The Angel Experiment) .... well, not even that. It was the manga adaptation of that, and it was mainly because the art was pretty. But I am disregarding it because comic book adaptions of novels can be far superior to their wordy counterparts because the author's real writing can be shit and a comic book is mainly aesthetics and dialogues- much like a movie script. So, I picked up the actual The Angel Experiment and I wasn't really impressed. I thought the writing was too simplistic; that and the story was just kind of all over the place and Max is all kinds of cliche if you sit down and think about it. Then, I remembered that Maximum Ride is a young-adult series. Say what you want, but the truth of the matter is that most young-adult series today are crap. (i.e 'Twilight' and worse than that, 'Halo') .... so, I decided that maybe young-adult isn't his best. It's easy for adult fiction writers to turn out youth literature that's not so great. So, I was going to give him another chance.

.... then I encountered the Daniel X manga which was all kinds of awful that I cannot bear to repeat it here.

.... then I decided it was time to pick up a James Patterson adult fiction novel. I had been looking for a new audiobook to listen to and the synopsis of Kill Me If You Can sounded really good. Two discs in though, I am having my doubts. This is the part where a lot of James Patterson fans reading this are going to outrage that I can't fairly judge this book because it was coauthored by James Patterson and ....... - and this is also the part where I'm going to tell them that it doesn't really matter because I can totally tell who is writing what parts because James Patterson writes exactly the same way here as he does in Maximum Ride. The only difference is that this book isn't about a teenage girl with wings.

I can't tell if James Patterson is a genuinely good author or people just like him because his text is simple and he writes sex scenes.

I know a few people at the library who think I should read a solely authored by James Patterson book, but if his writing is always like that, I don't know if I can get through it. I'm not really interested in romance (much less detailed sex scenes, much less straight sex scenes - I am a dyke, you know) ... and so far there have been four steamy awkward-to-sit-through-for-me ones. But hey, sex is a popular thing to write about, and the masses love to read it. So, maybe he's on to something....

No, thank you, James Patterson. Your books just aren't for me.

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