Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Showing off my Christmas Loot!

How's it going everyone? I hope you all had a great Christmas. I know I sure did   : )

We got us a 19 pound turkey thinking that a whole bunch of family was going to come and help us devour on Christmas afternoon, but then we got a freak blizzard and of course, everyone decided they didn't want to drive in it. In the end, only one person showed up, my sister-in-law Tabitha, and so I've got copious amounts of roast turkey in my refridgerator which I will probably be eating on for the next few weeks. I already made myself a turkey sandwich with a little mustard, lettuce, and cheese for lunch today at work. I wonder how many other turkey things I can make before I start getting bored. I guess the good news is that the tripdophan in the turkey hasn't fully kicked in yet (I think I countered it with the Dr. Pepper I drank, haha) so I'm not falling asleep at work.

Other than that, the giftcard to that I got didn't even last 24 hours. I knew exactly what I wanted. I ordered me some One Piece DVDs (because they don't have seasons 3 or 4 on Netflix OR Hulu) and I got some comic books -

Binky the Space Cat
(which I've read before and is possibly one of the cutest picture books/ comics series in existence)
except for maybe Press Here but that doesn't really count.

I haven't read any of this one but I'm a big fan of this guy's other work
( INVINCIBLE and Astounding Wolf-Man) so I figured I couldn't go wrong.
Plus, he's a Scottish Terrier. That's definitely on the Coolest Dog Breeds list
Everyone else may know this guy as the guy who works on The Walking Dead, but whatever....

Other than that, I scored me some Adventure Time jammies, some Pokemon cards, and several video games that have been on my wishlist for a long time. I'll let you know my progress in those one some later dates though. I know, I'm such a big kid. I can't help it though.

If you haven't checked out Binky the Space Cat or Science Dog, you totally should. I would know. I'm a librarian assistant.

What did everyone else get for Christmas?

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