Monday, May 6, 2013

1000 BOOKS

I finally did it. I hit 1000 rated books on :)

While I'm sure that I have read way more than 1000 books in my lifetime, just documenting that many and rating them, I think, is a great achievement. That's more books than a lot of people can claim that they have read.

Granted, a lot of people could look at the list of things I've rated and tell me that over 1/2 of them "aren't real books" because nearly 400 of them are graphic novels of some sort and about 100 of them are picture books. I say boo on them - they see me readin'; they hatin'.

Want to know why they be hatin' me? Check out this....

That's 116950 pages, guys. ( not counting the 17 audiobooks, I have listened to. )

Over 90% of the books on that list have been from 2010 up to today( that means I didn't get to 1000 just by listing ALL my required reading in school )

The 1000 doesn't include the 8 books I lost interest in halfway through or the 7 I've started reading but haven't finished yet.( all 1000 I have read from cover to cover )

Here's a list of the longest books I've read in the past 5 years :

In 2010, Ulysses by James Joyce , 816 pages

In 2011, Les Miserables by Victor Hugo , 1463 pages
(technically, a re-read)


In 2012, The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams , 815 pages
(1 book, all 5 in the series)

So far in 2013, Marvel Comics's XMEN: Age of Apocalypse collection , 1072 pages

I am awesome.

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