Monday, May 20, 2013

Poetry In The Good Ol' Days - part 2

I've really been trying to get back into the swing of things when it comes to writing poetry. It is not only soothing by means of getting your emotions out. Sometimes, poems are like puzzles. To be a certain kind of poem, there must be so many syllables, so many lines, and so many rhymes. And then freestyling, you just write what comes to mind and develop a rhythm as you go. I feel like poetry is really a lost art in this day and age, and I wish more people would come to appreciate it.

As I don't have a poem for you today, I have decided to post an older poem that I wrote for a Valentine's Day Poetry Contest while I was in college. I won first place with it actually. I was pretty proud of myself :)

All deaths I could endure would you sing me
a song, dear nightingale. I have long yearned
to hear the rubato alto melody
at the stroke of midnight… just once more.
Awake, I thought I had been dreaming
when the first somber F minor refrain
swept over my psyche. Outward peering
through the window, I sang into the fog
a gentle countermelody; if I
could only ease your sorrow! Dolce
rondo for hours-days!- on end, I cry…
“All nigh. All nigh” … the lament goes on
With aching bloody throat, I sing no more
and lost forever that which shook my core.

2010 - 2013 (c) Summer Fenwick

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