Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Poem #3

It was a little hard for me to come up with something to write about today. I have real world issues in my life write now and it's one of those BIG THINGS that whenever you try not to think about it, you just think about it more. I've been asked not to say anything about it, so unfortunately, I can't talk about it either. I've been typing and deleting and typing and deleting over and over and over, and nothing is coming out!

What's worse is when you've sworn to secrecy not to talk about something, but it bothers you so much that you want to talk about it but you know you can only talk about it with the person you swore secrecy to, and if you do talk to someone else, you are breaking your promise and despite your best efforts to mute your confidante, it'd be just your luck for the person you swore secrecy to find out what you did and then you are in super mondo huge trouble about it. Instead it brews inside you, and it sits there and you dwell, and you don't get anything done that you intended to because you are a compulsive worrier almost by nature.

So, I just prefer not to talk about it at all, write a lame haiku, and run around in passive-aggressive circles on my blog

Silence is golden,
except when your lips are bound
tight with iron bolts

2013 (c) Summer Fenwick

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