Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Building a Tournament Team

It's been a while since I've posted anything. Sorry 'bout that. Things have been really crazy at the library since the beginning of the annual summer reading program. Normally, we hold it for kids and teens- they read so many hours during the summer vacation and they can win cool prizes including their very own books!- but this year, we've extended it where adults can participate too. We've got nice looking book-bags and coin pouches, flashlight pens, and vouchers for the booksale for adults.

Yesterday was the first official program- a kids' program at our east branch featuring the book Go, Dog, Go. I went over and helped out. We made party hats (like in the book), stoplights, and played some fun rounds of "Red Light, Green Light." I think everyone had a really good time. I know I sure did.

Today there's going to be a teen event about using beeswax to make your own candles and lip balm and all sorts of cool makeup-y things. I bet not a lot of guys will come, but I hope quite a few girls do!

I've really been looking forward to the Pokemon Tournament we are going to hold at AMA-Con 2013! I got so excited the other day when I saw that it was on the official Pokemon.com website!

( Yeah, it's on there twice because I originally got carried away hitting the 'Submit' button ._. ... )

Even though I am judging, I want to have a Pokemon team ready for battle JUST IN CASE all but one person signs up (and then maybe afterwards we can battle just for fun? :3 ) I was playing through my copy of Pokemon Black, and I think I found a team that works for me. Maybe needs a little bit of adjusting.... I know there are some moves I want to reteach to different pokemon....

These three are my dream team. They can handle anything that comes their way.
Watch out!
These two are solid back-up members sporting some dual-typing :)

I am definitely taking these five into battle with me; I'm just debating on whether or not to take Clefable or Haxorus as my sixth team-member....


My Clefable is an HP WALL! Capable of taking hit after hit and dealing out some nasty status effects like burn and poison. Complete with metronome, because the set just isn't complete without it ;)

My Haxorus is built to deal attack after attack after attack with devastating damage! There are not a lot of Pokemon strong against Dragon types, so having one might be nice and even out my weakness/resistance.

I'm sure a lot of people are leaning towards me picking Haxorus, but... I got a good feeling about my Clefable. I think I'm going to need her. I'm going to battle some with the team as a whole and get a good feel for both of them before I make my final decision.

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