Thursday, June 13, 2013

First Impressions on Animal Crossing: New Leaf

"Why does nothing ever turn out like it should?"
--- Jack Skellington, The Nightmare Before Christmas

You know when you do or say something stupid without meaning it badly but later you realize just how much harm you've done by saying it and you can't take it back, make up for it, or apologize for it? Yeah, I tend to do things with good intentions, but then the way I explain how I went about it gets me in big trouble, and this is especially bad in the workplace, especially when I have so many coworkers who are so sensitive about the chain of command here. I intend to save time and steps and worry for everyone but sometimes I toe that chain of command line, and I'm never quite sure when or if I've gone too far. I'm currently experiencing one of my high anxiety moments. Thankfully, my boss is pretty cool and not as uptight about the chain of command as some of the folks around here, but I really don't want to get on her bad side. So, I'm beating myself up for it, and hopefully it won't happen again.

Other than that, it's just more of the same old, same old. Really been getting into Animal Crossing: New Leaf for 3DS lately, and it's difficult for me not to want to change the clock JUST so I can get to the next day and all the cool stuff that comes with it. But that isn't the point of Animal Crossing. The point is to play the game a little bit every day and discover new things, but I get to be so impatient sometimes. The game itself is really cute... you move into a town full of anthropomorphic people who accidentally mistake you for their new mayor. You accept the position anyway, and you basically run the town, interact with the people there, and try to make it the most appealing place to live. You can customize the look of your character, your house, and even the catchphrases that people use around town. There's an empty museum just waiting for you to donate all sorts of local flora and fauna and fossils to fill its' exhibits, and new events go on basically every day of the week at different times. It's really close to living in another world, and can be very addictive and very time-consuming. The thing I like about Animal Crossing though is that it isn't violent or high graphic, but a fun friendly family-type game that is easy for anybody to pick up, and you don't have to devote a lot of hours to it.

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