Friday, June 28, 2013

Reaction - Best Book of the Decade: 2000 - 2009

Today, I am reviewing the list : Best Books of the Decade 2000. That means all of the books on this list were published between 2000 through 2009.

This is going to be the last book in this series; at least, the last one for another six years or so, haha. I'll come up with something awesome to read next. I promise.

My Reaction - A great end to a great series; although I don't entirely understand how J.K. Rowling came to end it that way in this book, I liked it and it was a little heartbreaking for a series that I and everyone in my generation had literally grown-up with finally end. I personally could have done without the epilogue. I thought it was completely unneccessary and my favorite character is dead by the time this book happens so... it probably didn't do as much for me as it did other people. It's definitely not as moving or life-changing as.... 

I pick ... Life of Pi

Why This One? - One of my favorite Life of Pi critics says this about this book....

"Sift a pinch of psychology with a scant tablespoon of theology, add one part Island of the Blue Dolphin with two parts philosophy, mix with a pastry blender or the back of a fork until crumbly but not dry and there you have Pi and his lame-o, cheesed out, boat ride to enlightenment." - Malbadeen

... and it's completely true. The entire book is a survival novel (Pi is trapped on a boat with a grown tiger in the middle of the ocean) and a spiritual novel (Pi is constantly changing and switching and adding to his religious beliefs, because he loves the idea of love and belief in general) ... there are a lot of philosophical ramblings and a lot of catching fish and a ton of magical realism. And the beautiful part about this book is that everyone who reads it has a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT opinion. Not to mention Yann Martel's writing is incredibly moving. This one is on reading lists, and will likely make it into the classics section of a futuristic Barnes & Noble.

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